Erin MacKenzie Peck Freshman Prize

2015 is the twlevth year that we award this prize in memory of Miss Erin MacKenzie Peck. Erin, who was killed by a drunk driver in 2002, was a freshman in the class that graduated in 2006. Awarded to the top first year architecture student selected by the freshman studio professors, the criteria for selection include overall quality of work, personal growth and development, and studio participation.

Recipients, 2007 - Present:

2015 - Lara Hansmann and Andrew Bertics
2014 - Margaret Hall and Kajal Patel
2013 - MacAulay Brown and Sophie Eichner
2012 - Ningxin (Nancy) Cheng and Yutian He
2011 - Adelina Koleva and Pyline Tangsuvanich
2010 - Grant Nunnelee and Kelsey Olafson
2009 - Ryan Botts, Martha Cox and Aya Matsumoto 
2008 - Kyle Byrne and Weijia Song 
2007 - Igraine Perkinson and Jessy Yang