Morris R. Pitman Award in Architecture

This is awarded to returning Architecture graduate students showing outstanding potential to the profession, earmarked for travel, and awarded based on merit and strength of a proposal. A stipulation is that travel take place this summer so that the student can return to Rice and share the learning experience with fellow students.

Recipients, 2007-Present:

2015 - Yingying Guan, Patrick Daurio, Nora Leon, Michelle Chung, Bader Albader
2014 - Vy Drouin-Le, Maia Simon, Joseph Altshuler, Will Trotty, Dan Baklik, Yingying Guan, Geoffrey Sorrell
2013 - Tucker Douglas, Scott Key, Elizabeth Marrin, Naili Qi, Erin Ruhl
2012 - Mary Casper, William Crothers, Alexander Hohman, Liang Wang
2011 - Jason Fleming and Amy Westermeyer
2010 - Jenny Apostol, Tracy Bremer, Rebecca Sibley
2009 - Meredith Epley, Lindsay Harkema, Yvette Herrera
2008 - Curt Gambetta, Cary Place
2007 - Ryan Byrnes and Joanne Park