M Arch, Washington University

BFA, Trinity College, Connecticut


Gordon Wittenberg is a Professor and Director of the Technology, Environment, and Practice Program in the School of Architecture, and a partner in WS Architects. He teaches design studios in both the undergraduate and graduate cores and the third course in the technology sequence: The Building Envelope, as well as a seminar, Advanced Materials and Systems.

When Professor Wittenberg first came to Rice his primary focus was teaching and research in the area of energy conservation and sustainability. He has written a number of articles and a book on the special problems related to cooling and comfort in hot, humid climates such as Houston and the traditional architecture of the South as a response to climate.

More recently, Professor Wittenberg has been involved in experimenting with ideas about environment, design, and materials through the work of his architectural firm, WS Architects. Since the firm was started in 1991, it has won many awards for excellence in design including a TSA award in 2004 and awards from both the masonry and metal building industries.

"I was originally attracted to architecture through exposure to the work of the early twentieth century with its interest in material and structure. In this work a tradition developed wherein architects experimented with both formal and technical issues such as new materials, construction systems, and engineering concepts. Working simultaneously with these two sets of issues gave modern architecture a kind of integrity that was missing in traditional architecture and really any architecture that focuses solely on formal idioms."