M.Arch (2012), Princeton University

B.A. in Architecture (2008), Princeton University


As an undergraduate at Princeton, Samuel Stewart-Halevy majored in Architecture, with an additional concentration in Ancient Greek. Following graduation, Stewart-Halevy worked as an architect at OMA in Rotterdam, focusing on competitions and urban projects in the Middle East and serving as the Assistant Editor of OMA’s publication, Project Japan: Metabolism Talks.  He returned to Princeton for his M.Arch., where his research addressed questions of scale, site specificity and the inherent properties of materials.   

After graduating in 2012, with departmental honors in design as well as architectural history and theory, Stewart-Halevy worked for Guy Nordenson in NY. His work in this cross-disciplinary setting has informed his current research on the routines of architectural drawing in the age of outsourcing.  Stewart-Halevy’s Wortham Fellowship research at Rice centers on the dual topic of Drawing Practice/Practice Drawing, situating the present conditions of architectural work within a longer historical trajectory and reflecting upon the possibilities of a new set of global tools for the field.