Arch 402
Prof. Witte
Coherence, Part II: One-Several, Spring 2011

Aya Matsumoto
Merging Towers// New Energies Research & Development Center

In a competitive model of the Merging Towers, each widget experiences the conditions of collaborative, adjacency/overlap, and isolation through the kinks in the form. One move in the technique allows to create three moments. These three conditions are essential in order to create moments of integration and separation which allows the widgets to fully engage with the others or to completely uninvolved with the others. Each program has its own role and function, having to be categorized into the three conditions.

The collaborative space becomes essential to create integration in that all of the widgets are fully engaged with another and are always aware of the others’ presence. The adjacency/ overlap space is crucial to create both integration and separation by each widget having its own space yet is constantly aware of the other widgets. The isolation space creates physical separation from the other widgets, yet creates a stronger internal connection within the widgets. One technique creates three different moments within the building. This technique is applied to the cores of the building as well in order to connect to as much widget as possible. One move and three conditions are the necessity for a competitive model of integration and separation.