The Rice Preceptorship Program was formally established in 1968 to provide a yearlong practicum between the fourth and fifth year of the Bachelor of Architecture curriculum. Participating offices are selected by the School from among the leading firms in the US and abroad and appointed by the University for two-year terms. Preceptors agree to accept the preceptees assigned by the School for the minimum period of an academic year.

In the spring semester of their senior year students apply to the Fifth Year Program which is comprised of Preceptorship followed by a final and fifth year of academic study. After careful consideration by a faculty committee, those students admitted, usually 20 - 24, are assigned both to ensure the best match of student to office as well as taking into account their preferences. The preceptees are paid normal wages and are expected to participate in a variety of tasks that would provide them with a better understanding of the scope of professional practice.


Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

San Francisco, CA

Diller, Scofidio and Renfro

New York, NY

Ennead Architects

New York, NY


Los Angeles, CA

Kieran Timberlake

Philadelphia, PA

Kohn, Pederson, Fox Architects

London, UK and New York, NY

Machado & Silvetti

Boston, MA


Boston, MA


Hong Kong, China and Rotterdam, Neatherlands

Pei Cobb Freed & Partners

New York, NY

Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects

New Haven, CT and New York, NY


London, UK

Rogers Partners

New York, NY


New York, NY


San Francisco, CA

Thomas Phifer and Partners

New York, NY


New York, NY

Zimmer, Gunsul, & Frasca

Los Angeles, CA and Portland, OR