T 1:00 – 3:30 p.m., Anderson Hall, Room 230

In this research seminar we will study a history of housing exhibitions from the early twentieth century to the present as a means to examine how architecture can be exhibited at different scales. We will revisit the curatorial strategies of both canonical and less-known exhibitions on housingranging from the display of data and information graphics to the space of the gallery to the construction of full-scale detached houses to entire urban districtsto explore how architectural exhibitions have sought to reshape public understanding of housing and the contemporary city. In studying these examples we will also explore the ways in which housing has served as a consistent medium for explaining disciplinary questions of architecture and design to broader public audiences. Open to architecture students only, seniors and above. Space is limited and registration does not guarantee a space in this course. The final course roster is formulated on the first day of class by the individual instructor. 

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