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Small, focused, advanced-level course in discussion, workshop and/or design-based format on topics related to current research in architecture.
What is environmentalism and how does it differ from ‘sustainability’. Is there something ‘natural’ or innate about our way of life and the ways of life that buildings sustain that is worth ‘sustaining’ and what agency does architecture have to redefine this? The course asks students to speculate on the ‘built environment.’ Foregrounding the distinctly architectural: aesthetics (form, experience, atmosphere, play, beauty, etc.), this course wonders how architecture can think ‘environmentalism’ anew to elicit new forms of architectural existence that challenge cursory understandings on sustainability, conservation, and explicitly technocratic solutions.

This seminar course explores the concept of an objective, natural or pre-existing ‘environment.’ The course poses the concept of ‘environment’ not as given, but rather as a question; as something that is itself ‘built’ or constructed thus so is our ever-evolving relationship to it. And asks to what extent such a thing as the ‘built’ can operate sheepishly within it? To explore this the course develops weekly reading lists. Each week frames a series of theoretical, analytical and artifactual examples that build the concept of ‘environment.’

Qualified non-architecture students welcome with instructor permission.
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