Apr. 27, 2019
1:00pm to 6:00pm

Please join us for the Rice Design Alliance 2019 Architecture Tour: ADAPT on Saturday-Sunday, April 27-28 from 1:00-6:00 p.m. This year's theme "ADAPT" refers to the different ways in which architects and owners of Houston homes have modified their living spaces to adapt to changing conditions. The six Houston houses featured on the tour have adapted to generational succession, family change, climate crisis, neighborhood expectations, rising waters, and preserving in place. In some cases, architects have adapted existing spaces. In others, they adapt their designs to shifting, sometimes unpredictable circumstances. Much in contrast with current trends in building unnecessarily large and inefficient homes, the six homes featured in ADAPT all respond to an intent to reuse existing spaces through adaptation. Whether expressed through rehabilitation, addition, retrofitting, or raising, the ethic of adaptation promotes the preservation of a neighborhood's fabric while avoiding obsolescence in a constantly evolving suburban landscape.

The Rice Design Alliance 2019 Architecture Tour: ADAPT is chaired by Joyce Lander, Larry Lander, Marybeth Flaherty, and Tom Flaherty. 

Current RDA members may purchase discounted tickets for $25. RDA membership is open to all! Tickets for non-members are $35. Student tickets are $15 with a valid ID. Tickets are non-refundable. 

Each ticket provides access to all six locations.

Cashier Locations: Tickets are sold in advance at ricedesignalliance.org and on-site during the weekend of the tour at our three cashier locations on 11402 Calico Lane, 3319 Virginia Street, and 9707 Runnymeade Drive. 

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The Rice Design Alliance 2019 Architecture Tour: ADAPT is sponsored by Scott and Judy Nyquist and Arkitektura Development, Inc. Additional support is provided by RDA Underwriters: ABB Group; Brookstone Construction; Cardno; DPR Construction; D.E. Harvey Builders; Hines; m Strategic Partners; Putterman, Scharck & Associates; Louisa Stude Sarofim; Walker Engineering and Crawford; Walter P Moore, and Charlotte and Larry Whaley.

Text by Stephen Fox and David Jefferis; Design by Ian Searcy

The six houses featured in the 2019 Architecture Tour: ADAPT are:


11402 Calico Lane
Piney Point Manor
Architects: Adrian Flake Designs (1956); McIntyre + Robinowitz (2015)


1903 Bellmeade Road
Architects: Charles W. Oliver (1926); William F. Stern & Associates (alterations and additions) (1987); d>mcf projects, HR Design Department, and Gretchen McFarland Design+Interiors (2014)


3319 Virginia Street
Virginia Point
Architect: Adams Architects (2007)


1648 Vassar Street
Architect: Guthrie Strasser (2013)


4911 Dumfries Drive
Architect: Janusz Design (2019)


9707 Runnymeade Drive
Architects: W.W. Crochet (1960); Arkitektura Development Inc. (2016 and 2018)


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