Nonya Grenader
Faculty work
Four phases: 2009-2019 (original building 1894)

The Textile Mill was constructed between1894 and 1917 in the former industrial center of the Houston Heights and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1983. When the current owners obtained the building, it had experienced significant deterioration and remodeling that was unsympathetic to its historic potential. They realized that the old mill, with its distinctive clock tower, had long been a neighborhood landmark and asked the architects to restore the exterior while selectively renovating the 60,000 sf interior to accommodate modern uses.

Minimal materials were removed and were re-used throughout the project. Wood beams were planed into stair treads and reconstituted into benches. Original fire doors, wood floors, and the Seth Thomas clock were restored. The original building’s structural systems shifted from timber to concrete to steel; all refurbished and displayed in the renovation. In a rapidly changing neighborhood, the renewed building serves as a historical presence with views to its Heights neighborhood and downtown Houston.

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