David Costanza
Faculty work

TAUT is the culmination of extensive research exploring the potentials of tensile surface morphologies to define the geometry of a vacuum-assisted, resin-infused, textile-composite structure. The geometric language of the research emerged from early work by German architect and structural engineer Frei Otto, who developed a method using soap films to derive the shape and structure of tensile membranes. Taut seeks to combine the research on tensile membrane structures with that of composite structures.  Its geometry is defined by tensioning a single surface within a scaffolding frame, and it is made rigid with vacuum-assisted resin infusion. The tensioned surface would be constructed using a simple frame with cables, replacing the role of the mold in the production of a composite structure. After the infusion of the textile membrane, the scaffolding frame is disassembled and removed, leaving behind a permanent, rigid, composite structure. 

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