Houston 2050+
The studio Houston 2050+ presents urban development strategies which address the various challenges of Meyerland/Bellaire in Houston (TX) and project a scenario for the development for the area in 2050 and beyond. 
The challenges the site is confronted with are not momentary alteration of the status quo but a trend, a movement which we need to respond to: reoccurring flooding events, changing climate conditions, demographic shifts with a steep population increase and a transformation of societal values and needs. These developments need to be understood and responded to in multiple scales and various temporalities, and we can ask: what can be done in one’s backyard tomorrow, and how can we approach the challenges on a larger scale in 2050+?
The studio considers this challenge by thinking in processes, through transitory situations and by developing strategies rather than solutions.
The strategies developed over the course of the one term focus on the development of open space with a resilience towards the reoccurring riverine and street flooding as well as with a continuous high quality throughout the year and across different development stages; they focus a diverse set of catalysts that form spatial and programmatic anchors in the development of new districts; and they focus on a variegated housing stock, which caters to the existing population as well as a larger number of new residents and a predicted shift in the age profile.    
Developing sustainable strategies for the area and thinking about their implementation procedurally a response can go beyond the urgency of the moment and incorporate the instantiation of a buildings into a long-lasting change, a strategy for the next 50 years. 
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