The Punctuation Guidelines
In the studio, the city of Houston becomes an urban text with sentences as the city’s interstitial spaces–in-between spaces and thresholds–become allegories of its unseen punctuation. The syntactic play of this studio allowed us to speculate on the relationships between the interior conditions of an urban typology and its immediate context. Over the term the students were asked to analyze existing spatial types (deemed or defined as in-between zones or thresholds) present in many of Houston’s iconic buildings and to understand their spatial implications when compared to assigned punctuation marks. This initial phase of analysis framed the studio’s first assignments, helping them build knowledge upon the observation, collection, and survey of existing spatial conditions. Upon completion of the first two assignments, students were asked to design a Public Swimming Pool Facility. Going from method to form, students shifted back and forth between the internal forces at the core of architecture’s organization—from structural systems to programmatic requirements—and the external contextual dynamics of the site.
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