Undergraduate Admissions



Undergraduate applicants to the School of Architecture follow the normal admissions procedures for Rice University. Please refer to Rice University's undergraduate admission web page for complete application information, requirements and schedules: www.rice.edu/admission.

In addition to University requirements, the School of Architecture requires a portfolio, as detailed below.


Portfolio Requirement

A portfolio of creative work is required for all applicants to the School of Architecture. Successful applicants to the School of Architecture have varying degrees of experience in the arts and a variety of material included in their portfolios. The portfolio should demonstrate creative aptitude and potential for design thinking, providing insight into the link between the applicant’s mind, the eye and the “hand,” conveying a sense of how an applicant understands and represents the world around him or her.  The materials can include a variety of media, including freehand drawings/sketches, paintings, sculpture, photography/film, printmaking, graphic design, ceramics, theater design, installations, fashion design, etc. The work may have been produced as part of a formal course or independently. The portfolio is not expected to be architectural in focus; we do not expect applicants to have prior knowledge of any architecture software or drawing conventions. Indeed, with the notable exception of work completed at college architecture discovery program, we typically discourage the inclusion of drafting or CAD drawings. In that regards, art courses are typically better preparation for architecture at Rice than drafting/architecture courses.

Portfolio Requirements:
- PDF file labeled with applicant name (example: JohnDoe.pdf) 
- 15 MB maximum file size; Image files should be JPG, JPEG, or GIF
- Page size should be horizontally oriented A4 or Letter (8.5”x11”); images should be between 150dpi and 300dpi in jpeg or tiff format
- The first page should be a cover/title page with the applicant’s name 
- Content can be up to 10 pages (not including the title page); more than one image or work can be included per page
- Captions of images with title, year of execution, media and size are encouraged. A one to two sentence description is also acceptable
- All text should be in Arial or Helvetica typeface; background color should be either white or black. Keep the design of the portfolio itself simple, letting the work speak for itself.

Submission: as with all other application materials Portfolios should be submitted to the Office of Admission at: riceapps@rice.edu. We do not accept CDs or DVDs.