S. March. (2014), MIT

M. Arch. (2012), MIT

B.S. Arch. (2009), University of Utah


David Costanza is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he received both a Masters of Architecture and a Masters of Science in Architecture. He also holds a Bachelors of Science in Architecture from the University of Utah. At MIT, he assisted in teaching graduate option studios, graduate core studios, undergraduate studios, as well as many seminars in design and fabrication across all scales. From 2010-2015 he worked as project manager at Howeler + Yoon Architecture (HYA) in Boston.

His focus has been to establish a dialog between the computational tools we use to design, the digital tools we use in manufacturing and the emergence of advanced building materials. Specifically, his research seeks to inform the design process through an understanding and development of material and construction practices.