Past Projects



Convergence-Thumb    2014, de-installed 2015
    Rice Building Workshop was invited by the Hermann Park
    Conservancy to design and install a pavilion celebrating the Park’s
    centennial and long relationship to Rice. In the fall of ... (more)



CoreThumb    2011-2013
    The RBW has devoted fifteen years of design and construction
    efforts to research and development in the production of low cost
    houses. Over time it has become apparent that the ... (more)  


Café at the Menil

MenilThumb    2011-2012
    Last year, the Menil Collection approached the Rice Building
    Workshop at Rice University’s School of Architecture with a
    request that would be any architect’s dream: design ... (more) 


ZeRow House

ZeRowThumb    2007-2010
    The ZeRow House had a two-fold program: it could be built
    primarily by students for competition in the Department of
    Energy’s Solar Decathlon in Washington DC, and then ... (more)


Renovation / 2503 Holman

2503HolmanThumb    2006-2008
    In Houston's Third Ward neighborhood, many shotgun-style
    houses were solid in structure but had been neglected, with
    their interiors compromised or gutted.  With this ... (more) 


Workbox / Workyard

WorkThumb    2000 - 2001 / 2005 - 2006
    Somewhere between a lunar lander and a manufactured home, a
    toy box and a job trailer, the Workbox is a functional home away
    from home for the Rice Building Workshop. This project ... (more)


Extra-Small (XS) House

XSThumb    2000-2003
    In Houston’s Third Ward community, many original shotgun-style
    houses were being torn down and their dwellers displaced. RBW
    focused on a segment of the housing market that is often ... (more)



DupThumb    1997-present
    After the completion of the Six-Square House, Project Row
    Houses, recognizing the pressing need for rental housing in the
    Third Ward neighborhood, asked the Rice Building ... (more)


Six-Square House

SixThumb    1997-1999
    Our first design/build project, a 900-square-foot house, was
    conceived as a low-cost prototype that may be configured in a
    variety of ways. This modular house, six over six square ... (more)