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Inhabited Machines: Genealogy of an Architectural Concept
2022–2023 Lecture Series: Engaging Pluralism, Spring Edition
MD Anderson Hall, Farish Gallery
Around 1800, one of the most influential architectural concepts of the last 250 years emerged—that of built spaces as machines. Dissected and scrutinized by later writers, the notion of the architectural machine has enjoyed significant currency. But could the modern interpretation of the historical term be too narrow? Taking the themes of domestic climate, morals, and comfort, this in-depth and richly illustrated study examines the evidence afresh—with nuanced yet surprising results.
Gleich’s Book is the first volume in a new peer-reviewed book series initiated by Associate Professor Reto Geiser, and published by Birkhäuser. The Exploring Architecture book series advances the study of architecture, urbanism, landscape, and design in their respective histories, and as professional, conceptual and intellectual practices. It offers new and unexpected readings of buildings, analysis of disciplinary discourse and historiography, studies of architectural representation and media, and considerations of socioeconomic and cultural-political forces on cultural transformation. Shaped by a peer-review process guided by an academic board and a world of accomplished experts, Exploring Architecture provides a platform to both emerging authors and established scholars. 
Moritz Gleich
Inhabited Machines: Genealogy of an Architectural Concept
Basel: Birkhäuser, 2022
ISBN 978-3-0356-2376-5

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