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Fostering architecture and design writing is crucial to the dissemination of ideas and to supporting the improvement of our cities through critical thinking.

Cite: The Architecture and Design Review of Houston was established by the Rice Design Alliance and has been in circulation since 1982. Cite features a wide variety of thought-provoking content, including reviews, architectural news, opinion pieces, interviews, and photo essays and aims to provide an independent forum for reflection, analysis, and action. The publication is a communal anchor and a unique platform for Houston, connecting scholarship with public advocacy around critical urban, societal, and environmental issues.

Latest Issues


Cite 104

Cite 104, considers the legacy of Rice Design Alliance with interviews of some of the founding members and early contributors to Cite. Guest edited by Reto Geiser, Cite 104 examines Houston in its glory and its folly. Essays highlight proposed projects never built, the establishment of the Johnson Space Center, the Houston punk rock scene in the 1980s, the problem of housing, and more. New photography as well as art by Houston-area artists round out the issue.

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Cite 103

This issue of Cite concerns the subject of arrivals–of people, projects, and materials. It celebrates the activity that shapes our experience of the city, generally, and our city, specifically. As we globally emerge from more than a year in pandemic distancing—a tumultuous moment for national politics, on top of ongoing issues of racial justice—it feels appropriate to take new stock of the state of who we are as Houstonians, Texans, Americans, and global citizens.

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Cite 102

Cite 102 asks, “What does it mean to be of one’s own time?” The issue has two editorial centers. The first is “Being Contemporary,” in which guest editors Ajay Manthripragada and Piergianna Mazzocca, both previous Wortham Fellows at Rice Architecture who have advanced to other academic positions, consider of whom and of what they are contemporaries. The second center is a series of articles that extend the notion of “the contemporary” to current events and efforts in Houston.

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Cite Archive

Rice Architecture, in collaboration with the Fondren Library, is in the process of archiving the past 40 years of Cite Magazine. Upon completion all issues will be available through the Fondren Library's digital archive.

Currently the archived issues can be viewed here.

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