Closing Keynote Lecture: Silvia Federici, Ph.D.
Spring 2021 Lecture Series: New Proximities
Mar. 03, 2021
6:00pm to 7:00pm
Zoom Webinar

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CARE-WORK: Space, Bodies, and the Politics of Care
Organized by Brittany Utting, Assistant Professor, Rice Architecture

CARE-WORK: Space, Bodies, and the Politics of Care will examine how concepts of care across multiple disciplines have redefined the boundaries between our bodies, our collective structures, and our environments. Through these frames, the symposium will interrogate architecture’s relationship to care work as an intimate alliance between the built environment and its embedded material, social, and labor practices. Panel discussions will explore architecture’s capacity to unearth and cultivate new forms for care, unpacking the intersection between space, subjectivity, and solidarity.

The symposium is organized into two panels on March 02. The morning panel, Infrastructures of Care, will examine architectures of care through frameworks of labor, ecology, and community. Panelists include Maria S. Giudici, Torsten Lange, Sarah Nichols, and Rosario Talevi. The afternoon panel, Embodiments of Care, will unpack architectures of care through the lens of the body and its political, material, and affective conditions. Panelists include Jia Yi Gu, f-architecture, HOME-OFFICE, and Fabiola López-Durán.

The symposium will conclude with a keynote address by Silvia Federici the evening of March 03.

CARE-WORK: Space, Bodies, and the Politics of Care is made possible through the generous support of the Rice University Humanities Research Center and Rice Architecture.


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm CST

6:00—Introduction, Brittany Utting, Organizer

6:15—Silvia Federici, PhD, Professor Emerita of New College, Hofstra University, New York

7:15—Lecture Q&A


CARE-WORK: Space, Bodies, and the Politics of Care will be recorded and shared after the event. 

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