The RBW has devoted fifteen years of design and construction research and development for low cost houses. Our findings have led to the surprising conclusion that innovation lays not so much the structural and enclosure systems, which have evolved to a high degree in the marketplace, but in the numerous support systems - electrical, plumbing, HVAC - and fixtures and cabinetworks, which entail the greatest investments of labor and time on any job-site. 

RBW research led to the InHouse OutHouse – a pre-fabricated residential core that consolidates major trade-dependent systems and finishes into a single deliverable unit that is retro-fitted into an existing structure. While the InHouse OutHouse is assembled off-site, a rough opening is cut into the side of an existing house. Upon delivery, the core can be readily inserted and the entire structure quickly weather-proofed. The electrical, mechanical, and plumbing systems are then coupled to on-site services and branched out to the rest of the residence. 

Special thanks to all of the participants, volunteers, donors, and friends.  

Donors: AIA Houston, American Institutue of Architects, ArCH Center for Houston Foundation, Bob and Sue Fleming, Rice Design Alliance    

Special Thanks: Nash Baker, Bosch, Brochsteins Inc., Ferguson, Hafele, IKEA, Lowe’s, Mirabelle, Real Sliding Hardware, Rogers Air Conditioning, Stahlman Lumber Company, Jia Tolentino, Sandy Krings, Kristen Muessig 

Project Team: Andrew Daley, Jason Fleming, Peter Muessig 

Students: RESEARCH: Georgio Angelini, Christopher Ball, Kelly Barlow, Sue Biolsi, Aaron Bush, Edgar Cervantez, Anne Chen, Aaron Cote, Osman Dadi, Andrew Daley, Nick Elliot, Eléna English, Ethan Feuer, Jason Fleming, Carrie Gammell, Mathew Ganster, Alex Gregor, Sara Heib, Joshua Herzstein, Meera Kachhla, Kerim Miskavi, Jason Pierce, Yoni Pressman, Peter Stone, Chuck Swanson, Sam Tannebaum, Lyon Train, Emily Tzeng,, Antonia Wai, Karla Wallace, Amy Westermeyer, Jason Wu;
CONSTRUCTION: Chukwuemeka Aligbe, Patricia Bacalao, Justin Beckert, Kelly Beckman, Mallory Botsford, Will Crothers, Pawel Czekaj, Lulu Fang, Alicia Hergenroeder, Quinn Lammie, Priscilla Leung, Na Lu, Aya Matsumoto, Claire O'Connor, Shaan Patel, Gina Rodriguez, Luis, Salcedo, Joseph Scherer, Varia Smirnova, Liz Stanfel, Mary Waelder, Colin Ward, Meagan Wyatt, Serge Zotof  

Volunteers: Danny Jimenez, Adam Koogler, Bob Fleming, Paul Muessig 

Faculty Advisors: Nonya Grenader FAIA, Danny Samuels FAIA 

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