Undergraduate Admissions



Undergraduate applicants to the School of Architecture follow the normal admissions procedures for Rice University. Please refer to Rice University's undergraduate admission web page for complete application information, requirements and schedules: www.rice.edu/admission.

In addition to University requirements, the School of Architecture strongly recommends an interview and requires a portfolio, as detailed below.


Recommended Interview

As part of the undergraduate admissions application, the RSA suggests an on-campus interview with a member of the Rice School of Architecture faculty. These interviews are not required and each year the school admits many students who have not had an on-campus interview. However, these interviews do allow applicants to get to know the school and university and for us to gain insight into each applicant's potential. 

Admissions interviews with RSA faculty are only for high school seniors who have initiated the application process. Applicants should bring a portfolio of work with them to the interview. These interviews are offered during the fall semester and at the beginning of the spring semester, and appointment slots are limited. An interview may be scheduled by contacting the main number of the Rice School of Architecture: 713.348.4864. No interviews are given outside of the semesters or over the summer. If an applicant will be coming to an on-campus RSA interview, we recommend they also schedule a general admissions information session and a tour of the campus by contacting the Office of Admission.


Portfolio Requirement

A portfolio of creative work is required of all applicants to the School of Architecture. The Portfolio must conform to the following specifications:

PowerPoint file labeled with applicant name (example: JohnDoe.ppt) - 10 MB maximum file size - 10 slides maximum (more than one image per slide acceptable) - Image files must be JPG, JPEG, or GIF - No image should exceed 1024 x 768 pixel resolution & 96 dots/inch - No sound or animation permitted - Email your portfolio to the Admission Office at riceapps@rice.edu