Fall semester only; T Th 1:002:15 p.m.

Keith-Wiess Geological Laboratories, Room 100

The objective of this course is to establish a foundation to the technology sequence and more broadly to the curriculum at large through a fundamental understanding of the reciprocal relationships between space, material and structure under a holistic approach. According to two fundamental construction paradigms (tectonic, stereotomic) and their corresponding material expressions (steel, wood, stone, clay or concrete), the students will learn structural principles and construction processes. On the one hand, structural principles will be introduced through the explanation of the static behavior of load-bearing building elements and their fundamental role in the definition of the architectural space and, on the other hand, the students will learn about construction processes through the introduction of contemporary methods involving both traditional techniques as well as digital technologies.
ARCH 207/507, TECHI: Elements. Equilibrium models (1-4), Reciprocal models (5-8), Combinatorial models (9-12). Students work.
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