How do questions of legibility in architecture engage a global milieu? This typically travel focused studio develops a large and complex architectural project in an urban context, examining through design the relationship between a specific locale and culture on the one hand and on the other a global economy and discipline.

Section 1: Carols Jiménez

Architects are increasingly being asked to address the urgent demands of global urban expansion and its constituencies with deft agile designs supported by incisive research. Architecture 302: Architecture and Globalism expands the school’s commitment to engaging the demanding architectural and urban questions that increasingly affect a global public. Students are asked to think broadly about the role architects can play as global practitioners through research and analysis that focuses on the formulation of a building design project. This spring semester, the studio centers around a project in / and research trip to Colombia and its two principal cities: Bogotá and Medellín, where students will explore the particulars of a site and program in / for Bogotá, and study the pressing urban questions that underpin any practice in such a charged context.
Architectural Drawing
Eric Cheung
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