T Th 10:5012:05 p.m.
Anderson Hall, Room 117
Continuing with the objective of establishing a foundation to the technology sequence and following the philosophy and methodologies introduced in Technology I (Elements), this course (Processes) puts the focus on the relation form, material and force in architecture and on the corresponding processes that integrate these parameters in the definition of a holistic design model.

Therefore, the course will concentrate on the understanding of form-finding methods and the structural and geometric principles that are implicit in them. This will include the use of physical models and the method of graphic statics to analyze and describe the structural behavior of architectural forms. These principles will be unfolded through the work of figures such as Frei Otto, Heinz Isler, Antoni Gaudí, Pierluigi Nervi, Felix Candela or Eduardo Torroja among others but, also, contemporary examples and ongoing research projects on the field. The optimum and efficient use of materials (concrete, clay, steel, fabric, composites...) as well as the industrial and fabrication processes involved in the construction of structural forms, will complete the general content of the course establishing a necessary relationship between traditional techniques and contemporary technologies as well as building awareness regarding an efficient and conscious use of materials and resources. 

Architectural Drawing
Rylie Davis, Amirpouya Najafour Khadem, Margaret Tudor
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