F 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m., Anderson Hall, Room 309
This year’s Construct seminar will advance AUXILIARY, a net positive accessory dwelling unit (ADU) for central Houston. Principal research and design for the project was initiated the semester prior with the aim to demonstrate how ADUs can mutually address housing affordability and energy decarbonization. This semester, students will further the project’s design, resolving details through prototyping, developing the necessary documentation, and prepping fabrication for on-site construction. Along the way, students will hone their computational modeling skills, make use of digital and analog fabrication equipment, improve their knowledge of building systems and construction details, and work collaboratively, with each other and outside consultants. The project is expected to continue the following semester and will result in a realized ADU prototype (though prior or future involvement is not a prerequisite).

Open to qualified students, architecture or not, juniors and above. Prior knowledge of digital modeling (Rhino) required, and visual scripting (Grasshopper) and CNC milling preferred but not required. Space is limited; registration does not guarantee enrollment. The final roster is determined by the instructor on the first week of class.


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