Th  9:35am-12:05pm, Anderson Hall, room 217
Small, focused, intermediate-level course in discussion, workshop and/or design-based format on topics related to current research in architecture. Offered to architecture majors only, juniors and above. Space is limited and registration does not guarantee a space in this course.
Architects traffic in patterns. In one sense, patterns are how we communicate, a notion that precedes even language and mathematics, the most basic conception of order and the very measure of intelligence. Pattern is the generalist’s parlance. Fittingly, pattern is also synonymous with the plan, model, and design itself. A pattern isn’t just a discernible regularity but a means to project order and intention. Yet the pattern trade in architecture remains an illicit affair, still suffering a kind of double hangover from twentieth century ideologies and repeatedly ruffling feathers in a discipline bent on originality. But patterns are being explicitly traded aboveboard in at least two respects: as the tiled and tessellated façade and as the open-source algorithms underlying their creation. This course interrogates that recent history of architecture replete with pattern. We will investigate the status of pattern in architecture by constructing a means of pattern recognition through analytical computational models that reveal underlying organizational logics. These models will then be translated into generative tools for the production of an original pattern: graphically operative, spatially materialized and digitally fabricated.


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