The studio’s emphasis is on abstract thought and design capabilities relevant to systematic processes of designing specific buildings and facilities.


Section 3: Dawn Finley

Pliable advocates for the immediacy of material investigations and fabrication in architecture — working directly with fabric as a primary material type using an array of seaming techniques. Studio research focuses on the design and physical production of full-scale objects that investigate two-dimensional (flat, fabric) surfaces as active, primary organizing elements in the development and understanding of architectural form. The fabric objects include a Mat, Bag, Hanger, and Shade. Design criteria is specific and unique to each object — deliberately focusing structural, programmatic, environmental, and representational conditions for extreme effect. Pliable takes a research trip to Tokyo, Japan in early February and concludes the semester with an exhibition of the fabricated objects and accompanying catalogue — providing speculations about the broader architectural implications of the design work. 

Section 4: Jesús Vassallo

The Form of Mud is a research studio into contemporary earth construction technology. The Form of Mud will produce housing solutions for a post-Harvey Houston. The Form of Mud will take a research trip to Switzerland and Austria and will host a symposium at Rice University. The Form of Mud will eventually become a publication.
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