T Th 6:30 - 7:50 p.m., Anderson Hall, Jury Room
Small, focused, advanced-level course in discussion, workshop and/or design-based format on topics related to current research in architecture.
Architecture is practiced in the space between the imagined and the built. Operating in this zone between speculations and realizations architects construct plausible fictions that transcend the material facts of the  built and connect with broader cultural meaning. These fictions range from the hyper-rational to the trite but are instrumental in understanding the ambitions of a practice and the visions it intends to construct. This seminar explores the recent history of several of these plausible fictions especially as they relate to form, composition and representation. How has the transition of production to primarily one of massing changed our understanding of part-to-whole relationships, legibility and proportion? How have certain typologies come to dominate our understanding of the possible in architecture? Can we understand terms like aggregate and graphic as actually masking some alternative narrative of architectural composition?
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