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Studio Lotus
2023–2024 Public Programs, Spring Edition, Llewelyn-Davies Sahni Innovative Practice Lecture
MD Anderson Hall, Farish Gallery

Ambrish Arora is cofounder of and principal at Studio Lotus, a New Delhi-based multidisciplinary design practice. Spanning the domains of master planning, architecture, and interior design, the work of the award-winning practice is grounded on the principles of conscious design, an inclusive approach that focuses on a rigorous process as much as the end result. Arora is the chief mentor to the team.

Through his practice, Arora has also campaigned for the revival of crafts and the integration of vernacular wisdom and artisanal skill sets in modern building practices as a means to achieve cultural, social, as well as environmental sustainability often through frugal and passive means. Arora has been a part of several national advisories and juries on design and architecture and has lectured internationally and within India and has a keen interest in building design leadership as a catalyst of change.



The Llewelyn-Davies Sahni Innovative Practice Lecture is supported by the Llewelyn-Davies Sahni Fund.
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