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Faculty Book Launch, "System of Novelties"
MD Anderson Hall, Farish Gallery

System of Novelties: A unique hybrid of monograph and field guide, offering insights into the creative practice and design expertise of Interloop—Architecture.

System of Novelties is the first book on Interloop—Architecture’s work. It combines elements of both monograph and field guide, placing the firm’s novel architectural designs within their broader context, with special attention to how influences, procedures, and techniques have been threaded from project to project over a period of two decades. A diverse collection of built and speculative designs are framed by three pairs of research topics: Information–Shape, Procedure–Assembly, and Material–Detail. Graphic notes trace and synthetically connect the systems—some unique, some recurring—used in and between projects. System of Novelties demonstrates the firm’s technical expertise with materials, manufacturing, and delivery processes and offers insights into innovative forms of contemporary architectural practice. 

Pre-order the book here on Amazon.

Engaging Pluralism

When ideologies and cultures collide, new ways of working with and living in the world emerge. As a form of political philosophy, pluralism draws upon this dynamic condition, promoting the coexistence of multiple approaches and worldviews. Yet in the context of compounding crises and unchecked inequality, this is far from a neutral position: it becomes a commitment to struggle and discourse. Drawing from a broad-ranging group of speakers, Rice Architecture’s annual lecture series, Engaging Pluralism, explores how architects and designers can work with friction, contradiction, and multiplicity to effect broader social, cultural, and environmental change. It is an all-school platform for reflecting on the possibilities and challenges of designing for a pluralistic society.'

This event is free and open to the public and, unless noted otherwise, will be held in person in Farish Gallery, MD Anderson Hall.

This event is made possible through the generous support of the Betty R. and George F. Pierce Jr., FAIA, Fund; the William B. Coleman Jr. Colloquium Fund for Architecture; the Wm. W. Caudill Lecture Series Fund; and Rice Design Alliance (RDA), the public programs and outreach arm of Rice Architecture, which includes the generous support of its members and RDA Underwriters:  Harvey | Harvey-Cleary; Tellepsen Family; Big State Electric; Brochsteins; CED Houston; MAREK; Turner Construction; and Walter P. Moore. Additional support is provided by the Texas Commission on the Arts.

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