Dark Frames Series
Mar. 22, 2018
McGregor Computer Lab, Anderson Hall

Michelle Chang will host a digital media and fabrication workshop "Noise-forms" on March 22 in the McGregor Computer Lab at Anderson Hall. 

"Noise-forms" will experiment with the translation of astronomical pictures to three-dimensional physical objects with the use of the Processing application and rapid prototyping machines. Students from all departments are invited to learn methods to engage scientific image analysis with artistic modeling techniques.

"Dark Frames: the art of image processing" is a series of events that reflects on the ways artists, architects, and scientists interpret images to understand the real world. In workshop, lecture, and symposium formats, the project asks: How can the visual arts use scientific models of objective image-making towards creative ends? These events are organized by Rice Architecture Assistant Professor Michelle Chang to investigate how objective and non-objective practices create different kinds of knowledge. 

Funding for the series is generously provided by the Rice University Arts Initiatives Grant and the Humanities Research Center. In-kind support is provided by the Moody Center for the Arts. 

For more information on "Dark Frames", go here

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