Houston Launch Event
Feb. 21, 2024
MD Anderson Hall, Farish Gallery

PLAT launch alert! Join us for a launch event celebrating the release of PLAT 11.5: Ordinary and PLAT 12: Divine.

About PLAT Journal
Founded in 2009, PLAT is an independent architecture journal published by the students of Rice Architecture. Through a combination of open submissions and commissioned pieces, the editors seek out contributions from various disciplines to generate a vibrant conversation.

PLAT 11.5: Ordinary invites you to recollect soft materials, ecologies, and domesticity while embracing tangible realities. Ordinary describes the existential relationship between our perceptions and emotions toward the environment.

PLAT 12: Divine seeks the sacred in the profane and the profane in the sacred in a quest for meaning in a world where architectural agency is displaced and identities are effaced. This publication explores the ineffable intersections of belonging, culture, and material practice in architecture. Editors Maximilien Chong Lee Shin and Tasiana Paolisso curate a diverse tapestry of voices, inviting readers to contemplate the eternal and ephemeral qualities of worldmaking and in worlds made. Through essays, (counter)narratives, conversations, and artistic creations, the authors of PLAT 12: Divine navigate the complexities of our historical moment, offering a timely reflection on what we hold sacred amidst global pandemics and political conflicts.


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