2024 Spotlight Award: Bangkok Tokyo Architecture
2023–2024 Public Programs, Spring Edition
Feb. 21, 2024
MATCH - Midtown Arts and Theater Center Houston, (MATCH), 3400 Main, Matchbox 2

The Spotlight Award was founded in 2009 under the leadership of Lonnie Hoogeboom with John J. Casbarian, Carlos Jiménez, and Rafael Longoria. Every year, the Spotlight Award committee, formed by architects, academics, and design practitioners, convenes to consider local, national, and international architects within the first fifteen years of their professional practice who have demonstrated design excellence and curiosity through their body of work. This award is by invitation only.

Bangkok Tokyo Architecture is an architectural studio founded by Wtanya Chanvitan and Takahiro Kume in 2017. They are fascinated by open-ended structures and the assembly of ordinary elements and the act of blurring the lines between ordinary and exceptional. Their practice explores resilient forms of living, seeking ways to liberate architecture from the realm of experts and professionals and to find potential models of sustainability. 


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This program is made possible through the generous support of the Betty R. and George F. Pierce Jr., FAIA, Fund; the William B. Coleman Jr. Colloquium Fund for Architecture; and the Wm. W. Caudill Lecture Series Fund. 
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