Rice Architecture
Dec 19, 2022

M.S. Architecture candidate Robin Hueppe, along with his colleagues Andrew Gresset, Olivia Pinner, and Adam Scott, won second prize in the Architectural Masterplan Competition, Greening the Industrial City. 

Their prize winning submission was titled, Bayou As: Community, a multi-layered urban design and landscape approach to reinvision an iconic post industrial site as a natural system for local ecology, local economy, personal enjoyment and community experience.  

Participants were asked to submit a masterplan proposal for an industrial park that was built over a natural waterway. The jury sought proposals that cleverly exposed the natural beauty of the waterway underneath the industrial park, as well as those that addressed neighborhood concerns. Read the full story about his prize winning entry here in architecturecompetitions.com.

All images courtesy of Robin Hueppe.

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