Apr. 27, 2020

PLAT 8.5 tl;dr is now available online in a rolling-release format. Each week's new content will be posted on Mondays, with the digital articles released throughout the week. The series launches this week with short essays by W. Mark Gunderson, To Bring to Light (04.28), Urs Pete “Upe” Flueckiger Landscape of Nothingness (04.29), and a photo spread from the Scott Hyde Archive in Amarillo (04.30). Visit platjournal.com to access the content.

tl;dr (editorial shorthand for “too long; didn’t read”) is used to connote excessive verbosity, but in such a way as to stave off information overload from a safe distance. The term projects a desire for simplicity, but in its unconsidered form. And it is used, all too often, to stifle discourse and collaboration. The PLAT team is glad to borrow this term (with all its baggage and snark) as a way of introducing a series of serious conversations about the commensurate and integrative process that necessarily follows quickly behind simplicity’s culling, editing, and cropping.

PLAT is an independent architectural journal published by the students of Rice Architecture, whose purpose is to stimulate relationships between design, production, and theory. It operates by interweaving professional and academic work into an open and evolving dialogue which progresses from issue to issue. Curating worldwide submissions in two annual issues, PLAT is a projective catalyst for architectural discourse. 

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