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Stephen Fox is an architectural historian and a lecturer at the Rice School of Architecture.  He is also a lecturer at the Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture of the University of Houston and a Fellow of the Anchorage Foundation of Texas. Fox’s work is focused on architecture of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, especially the architecture of Houston and Texas.  In his scholarship he examines the ways that architecture engages such social constructs as class identity, cultural distinction, and regional differentiation.

Fox is the author of the AIA Houston Architectural Guide (2012), the Country Houses of John F. Staub (Texas A&M University Press, 2007), and a is contributor to the Society of Architectural Historians' The Buildings of Texas: Central, South, and Gulf Coast, edited by Gerald Moorhead  (University of Virginia Press, 2013). He has contributed chapters to The Open-Ended City: David Dillon on Texas Architecture, edited by Kathryn E. Holliday (University of Texas Press, 2019), Victor Lundy: Artist Architect, edited by Donna Kacmar (Princeton Architectural Press, 2018), and two forthcoming books: Avant-Garde in the Cornfields: Architecture, Landscape, and Preservation in New Harmony, edited by Ben Nicholson and Michelangelo Sabatino (University of Minnesota Press, 2019), and Making Houston Modern: Howard Barnstone’s Life and Architecture, edited by Barrie Scardino Bradley and Michelangelo Sabatino (University of Texas Press, 2020). 

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  • B.Arch., Rice University
  • B.A., Rice University

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