Our first design/build project, a 900-square-foot house, was conceived as a low-cost prototype that may be configured in a variety of ways. This modular house, six over six square units that measure 19’-8” at each side, utilizes materials and concepts found in neighboring homes, such as deep overhangs and double-hung windows that are aligned for cross-ventilation. Shaded porches extend living space and allow traditional community relationship to develop. Completed in 1999, the Six-Square House has become the home of a mother and her two children; as a prototype, it generated a range of variations.

Modular floor and framing panels were constructed on the Rice campus and taken to the site for assembly. On-site construction brought students together with material suppliers and contractors who volunteered their resources and expertise. Over sixty Rice students received first-hand knowledge of the design and building process while providing critically needed affordable housing in Houston.

Special thanks to all of the participants, volunteers, donors, and friends.  

Donors: Susan Vaughn Foundation, AIA Foundation, W.S. Bellows Construction Corp., Emily Grenader, Martell Foundation   

Special Thanks: Renaissance Builders, Houston Area Plumbing Joint Apprentice Committee, IBEW Local Union 716, Gemini Electric, Rogers Air Conditioning, Lone Star Corp., James Hardie Building Products, IKEA, Montalbano Lumber Co., Sherwin Williams, ConTex Roofing, Payless Insulation, Marek Brothers, Lighting Unlimited, Bellows Construction, The Detering Company, Gabriel Hernandez, Simeon Nolasco 

Consultants: R. George Cunningham, Structural Engineer, Morris Engineering, QC Labs 

Students: Lori Bork, Leonard Brewer, Scott Cahill, Lian Chang, Gerard Chong, Irene Chu. Maria Cruz, Kathy Dy, Craig Eigenberg, James Evans, Amy Farber, Laura Feist, Carlos Fighetti, Lynn Fisher, Timothy Gordon, Brooke Johnson, Gene Johnston, Justus Kessler, Kirsten Kinzer, Jaime Lara, Christina LeTourneau, Joe Meppelink, Michael Morrow, Kim Neuschler (Student Co-ordinator), Blair Payson, James Phillips, Carice Pingenot, Christy Raber, Brent Revis, Matt Selzer, Victor Sheen, Emily Sing, David Sisson, Christof Spieler, Kindra Welch, Juliet Whelan 

Volunteers: Bill DeLange, Craig Eigenberg, Merri Elbaum, Laura Feist, Jonathan Grenader, Christina LeTourneau, Kim Neuschler, Christof Spieler, Kindra Welch 

Faculty Advisors: Nonya Grenader, Danny Samuels FAIA 

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