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Dawn Finley & Mark Wamble

9° House combines the renovation of an existing, historically significant modern residence in Houston, Texas, with a new 3,500 square foot addition. Where the addition begins the base geometry of the house skews 9 degrees to the west to fill the vacant southwest corner of the lot and expand the rear garden for outdoor activity.  Every detail of the addition conforms to the 9 degree shift. The design feature makes the interior transition between the old and new explicit - and produces a striking optical effect.

The primary exterior material is a white Swiss Pearl rain screen panel that wraps the upper portion of the existing house and connects the original wing of the house to the new addition. Two stainless steel and glass plug-on windows articulate and highlight critical interior spaces within the residence: (1) A plug-on bay window, fitted with a custom leather upholstered bench and punching bag column, defines the connection between old and new at the second level. This lofting volume rests on a custom architectural steel tri-pod column at the front corner of the house; and (2) A stair enclosure contains a double-height volume with open architectural steel stair leading from the kitchen to a gallery walkway above.

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