Brittany Utting
Faculty Work

OFFICE-PARTY proposes the re-design of the office environment through strategic adjustments to office furniture and building systems networked with a digital software interface. As a post-occupancy platform, this software allows users to anonymously alter moveable furniture systems to create new proliferations, unfamiliar re-arrangements, and inefficient clumpings. Controlled by a phone/desktop application, workers can transform desk arrangements and lighting with a simple swipe, orchestrating a network of geo-tagged motorized casters installed in the furniture and programmable lighting fixtures. The floor is a smooth and wireless surface with a graphic overlay designating alternative compositions and spatial structures for play. The ceiling is littered with a confetti of trays, cords, and retractable power reels, all hanging from mobile hooks, straps, and brackets. Adopting the tropes of corporate aesthetics—pop colors, glossy surfaces, playful shapes, and irreverent dispositions alongside the rhetoric of mobility, collaboration, and adaptability—OFFICE-PARTY functions as a Trojan Horse, embedding disruptive protocols within the emerging platforms of office management.

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