Reto Geiser and Michael Kubo (eds.)

Over the last fifty years, exhibitions have proven to be a vital medium for architectural discourse, serving as platforms through which institutions and audiences have attended to architecture’s social, cultural, political, and environmental  responsibilities. Futures of the Architectural Exhibition investigates the ways in which contemporary curators have approached questions of display in exhibitions and in their stewardship of diverse institutional platforms for the representation of architecture and design. The seven curatorial positions highlighted in this book reflect the specific challenges of operating within distinct institutional and noninstitutional settings and their differing frameworks for research, display, and engagement with both public and professional audiences. Reflecting shifts in contemporary curatorial thinking in response to a changing present, these dialogues suggest pathways toward multiple possible futures for the architectural exhibition. 


Reto Geiser and Michael Kubo (eds.)

Futures of the Architectural Exhibition
Zurich: Park Books, 2022

new york review of architecture


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