MWF 1:00 – 5:00 p.m., Anderson Hall, Room 212

The final design studio of the four-year B.A. in Architecture is conducted as a design research studio in which students pursue a topic and develop a brief under a conceptual umbrella provided by the instructor. The studio is linked to the ARCH 403 design research seminar taken the semester prior to the studio.

Section 1: Amelyn Ng

Decentering Type examines the histories, aesthetics, and economies of architectural typologies. What organizational logics and assumptions undergird the built environment? What inequalities are pre-programmed into spatial products and systems? Even in today’s apparently post-type world, we are surrounded by disciplinary norms, programmatic preconceptions, digital defaults, and degrees of abstraction. The typification of space is no longer only derived by form or function, but also by immaterial property relations and infrastructural systems. Moving from the general to the specific, students independently research a typology of choice, develop critical arguments surrounding its default settings, and propose alternative futures for the typology in the Houston context. Current research projects range from the campus model, the hotel, and the enfilade, to co-living arrangements, green building aesthetics, and the Houston tunnel system.

Architectural Drawing
Huidi Xiang
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