T Th 2:30–3:45 p.m.
ANH 117
Students explore the challenges, standards, expectations, and demands that apply to a design professional. They learn how to start, organize, and manage a professional firm and protect it from preventable risks. They study how a project becomes a reality, starting with marketing and sales efforts, writing and negotiating the contracts involved, turning a design idea into reality, getting it built, and handling claims. Architects, engineers, and constructors who are directly involved in the construction industry provide real world profiles of their practices. Students also do case studies of completed projects.
Open to non-architecture majors. This course is required for the completion of the professional degree tracks. Bachelor of Architecture students should take the course in their fourth year of architectural study in the B.A. program or in their final year of study in the B.Arch. program. M.Arch. students should take the course in the year prior to thesis.


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