M 9:30 a.m.12:00 p.m.
ANH 154

This research-based seminar studies the history of space colonization as an alternative consideration of the threats our planet is facing in times of climate change. Along such case studies as Skylab, the International Space Station (ISS), Biosphere 2, or the Stanford Torus, as well as more recent initiatives such as the Orion program, this course examines architectural visions and experiments in outer space, by means of primary archival sources held as part of the Johnson Space Center History Collection and the Human Space Flight Collection at UH Clear Lake. In analyzing these examples students will be exposed to the basic concepts and methods of archival research, and collectively explore ways in which our discoveries can be interpreted and presented to a broader audience. Open to qualified architecture and non-architecture students, seniors and above. Space is limited and registration does not guarantee a space in this course. The final course roster is formulated on the first day of class by the individual instructor.

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