Reto Geiser
Faculty Work

Environmental Graphics: MG&Co./Noëmi Mollet and Reto Geiser, with Anna Fritz and Beril Uzmen

The Houston Endowment commissioned MG&Co. to develop a comprehensive system for wayfinding and environmental graphics for their new headquarters building designed by Productora and Kevin Daly Architects. Established in 1937, the Houston Endowment is a private foundation committed to a vibrant and inclusive region where all residents can thrive. To foster a new identity, the Houston Endowment constructed a 32,000-square-foot building on the edge of Spotts Park. To address the Endowment’s need for a visible presence from Willia Street, while honoring the desire for reserve and subtlety, MG&Co. designed a “NONUMENT” sign, a building sign that is present when needed (as visitors and cars approach from afar) and blends in with its context and the architecture of the building as one approaches.

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